When elephants feel

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When elephants feel

Cards about emotions : getting to know them, feel them and be courious around them:) 

For parents and professionals too.

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When elephants feel

he inspiration for this set were the needs of our children's clients. We portrayed emotions as we perceived that children's clients needed them.

The main actor - the mediator of emotion is the elephant. We left the area around the card free as a "projection screen" on which everyone can project the situation or space so that it is its own content. The cards give space to the child's imagination, creativity, so that it connects with their own experiences, emotions..


Who are the cards for:

  • for experts (in therapeutic work with children, in the diagnostic process)
  • for parents - playing together with the child and discovering the world of emotions

In the box of cards you will find:

  • the set contains 23 cards with a drawing of the main actor: the elephant
  • a guide for professionals and parents with tips for working with children


the set of Elephants depicting emotions is suitable for therapeutic work in combination with the Family Board (this helps to map the relationship and emotions in the family or school system)
course for Family board we offer regularly (www.terrainweb.sk)


Made in Slovakia.

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